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The Invention of
(International Patents Pending)

The invention of the Kosher Compass™ began its journey about fourteen years ago in a Jerusalem Yeshiva in the Ramot Polin neighborhood.

Moshe, then a married yeshiva student, was learning in one of Jerusalem’s popular Yeshivas and, at that time, was in the middle of learning the Talmud Babli, tractate Succah. There in the gemara, a topic concerning the four corners of the alter was being discussed. Each corner of the alter was designated by its direction, i.e. South-East, South-West, etc.

When Moshe began to look into the explanation of Rashi in order to get a better understanding of the directions, he began to drift off and ponder the idea of directions in general. Suddenly, a question entered his mind: “What implement do we have today that enables us to determine direction?” The answer was forthcoming. “A compass.” “And what does a compass do?” the questioning continued. “It points always in the direction of North,” came the obvious answer. This was a law of physics not to be broken.

This was the problem that Moshe was now encountering. The compass was an implement governed by the laws of nature, always pointing North. Yet, for Moshe, pointing North was a very significant limitation. “Who is interested in knowing the direction of North?” Moshe asked himself. “How many people travel to the North Pole?” Moshe continued with his thoughts and came to the conclusion that a compass, being a navigational instrument, needs to point in a significant direction. Now with the Talmud Babli still open before him, it became crystal clear to Moshe with which direction we were concerned… Jerusalem! Being the most important and holiest place on earth, it would make sense that this is the direction that the compass must point.

There was only one more question remaining, and it was a big one--HOW?

How can we possibly change the laws of nature?

This Was the Beginning of The Kosher Compass™

 The love of a challenge was inherent in Moshe’s nature. Within a short period of time, a possible solution to the problem had led to a new invention. It would be an invention that would have a tremendous impact on all of Am Yisroel. An invention that would actually enable the Jewish people, wherever they might be, to be joined and linked together, all facing in the Right Direction.

The next step was to draft the patent and submit it to the patent offices.

As it is known that the Rabbanim, Gedolei Yisroel, (the leaders of our nation), are very careful when it comes to recommending anything, and even more so, to apply their “rubber stamp” to any document, thereby, giving it their approval. When it comes to saying that something is “not forbidden,” they will certainly say so, but to say that something should “yes be done” and to recommend doing it, requires much more care and scrutiny.

When the Kosher Compass™ was brought before leading Rabbanim, they were very happy and impressed, and saw it as a means to enable the Jewish people to fulfill the mitzvah of prayer more properly. As it says in the Shulchan Aruch,” to pray in the direction of Jerusalem”.

The first to see the Kosher Compass™ was Harav Yoseph Liberman, shlita. Not only is he a great Talmud Chacham, well known in Israel for his Sefer concerning the building of Synagogues in accordance with Halacha, but, also, being an engineer, he was the first to examine the Kosher Compass™, and to say that it could be relied upon to accurately point in the direction of Jerusalem. Next came the stamp of approval from Harav Moshe Halbershtam shlita of the Aida Hacharedit, and then Harav Moshe Sternbuch shlita, the Rosh Av Beis Din of the Aida Hacharedit.

After the conception of the Kosher Compass™, the compass design was to become the next hurdle. A compass that would be serving a truly useful purpose -- what should it look like? How big or small should it be? What materials should be used?

Since the Kosher Compass™ would be serving such a lofty purpose -- to point all of the Jewish Nation, anywhere in the world, to one place -- to the most important and significant city in the holiest of lands -- to enable us to face and focus our prayers in the proper direction with no further need for approximation, it was fitting, therefore, that the Kosher Compass™ be fashioned from only quality materials.

Brass, a metal usually seen in collectors items was the material chosen. Not only is brass a quality metal, but, also, its golden color was reflective of Jerusalem, the Golden City.

Since the Kosher Compass™ was intended to be carried everywhere, thereby, allowing one to have the capability to use it wherever one found themselves, whether for prayer or just to be somehow connected to the Holy City, it would have to be small enough to fit into one’s pocket. A major concern was for the compass to be small enough to fit into the pockets of our precious children. They would now be able to take the Kosher Compass™ with them on their class trips and carry it wherever they went. The Kosher compass™ would prove to be a very special educational device, teaching our children the importance of Jerusalem and its significance to the Jewish People.

The brass with its golden color, the pocket size for easy carrying and the addition of an attractive chain to attach keys or to use as an attachment to a belt loop, made the Kosher Compass™ complete.

The final detail was the exquisite jewelry box. Now we have… The gift worth giving!

The Kosher Compass™, Carry it…And it will Carry You!

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